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The USEA Adult Rider Program is for all adults – amateurs and professionals – ages 22 and older.  The program embraces adults across all skill and experience levels in a supportive program that promotes education, communication, recognition and camaraderie!! The goal of the Adult Rider program is to increase adult rider participation in eventing as riders and volunteers.

Why Become a Member?
– Eligibility for Adult Rider Activities
– Build your community and support network
– Eligibility to compete as a team at all of the USEA HT competitions
– Participate in the Adult Team Challenge each year at a specified HT
– Participate in the Adult Team Championships at the AECs
– Participate with other adult amateurs and professionals in educational and skill building workshops – Annual Northern California and Southern California Adult Rider Camps
– Eligibility to apply for scholarships and grants
– Have fun!!!

How Do I to Join?
Log in to the USEA website at and click the drop down under membership to learn more about the Adult Rider program and to join

Our Motto is “If You’re 22, We Want YOU!”.

The Adult Riders get together on a regular basis at shows, camps and clinics to ride, learn, support each other and have a great time.

Goals of the Area VI Adult Rider Program:

  • Provide high quality educational programs in the form of camps and clinics. We hold at least four of these special educational activities each year, ranging in duration from one to three days. Our camps and clinics are taught by trainers and professional riders who are specifically experienced in working with adult riders. Many of these professionals are based in CA and are available to provide ongoing instruction, so you can build long-term relationships with them if you wish.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction. Whether it’s a presentation at an event or a dinner at camp, we want you to meet and get to know other adult riders. This program is about you and helping you make the most out of your sport. Making eventing friends provides you with an all-important support system and adds a lot of fun to a challenging activity.
  • Recognize the outstanding achievement of our adult riders! Whether you’re an amateur rider who’s just starting at the introductory level or a seasoned professional, we want to reward your hard work by celebrating your accomplishments. Many of you work full time jobs and raise families while still managing to be outstanding horsemen and women. We want people to know your stories and to help celebrate your successes.
  • Offer competitive challenges. The Adult Rider program sponsors several Adult Rider Championships each year, which reward the lowest scores at each competition level. We also support teams at the Adult Team Challenge competition and the National Adult Team Challenge which takes place during the AEC. In addition, we provide special prizes at various competitions, such as the Best Conditioned and Best Turnout Awards at the Training 3-Day held at Galway Downs at the end of the season each year.
  • Provide long-term opportunities to be involved in the sport! While many of us hope to ride forever, realistically, this is unlikely. We want to stay in the sport for as long as we can. How? There are many paths – volunteering at local events, studying and becoming an eventing judge or official, working with younger riders in pony clubs and our local event barns, and, if financially feasible, becoming a sponsor, owner or member of a syndicate. Adult Riders promotes all of these possibilities!




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December 2-3, 2023
Ram Tap XC Shindig: XC Show on Sunday and open schooling all day Saturday, Saturday night stabling and Saturday Dinner

April 26-28, 2024
Adult Rider Camp North, Ram Tap Horse Park
Registration opens in January
Contact Alisa Bredo

August 16-18, 2024
Adult Rider Camp South, Twin Rivers
Registration opens June 1
Contact Sharl Talan